Since 1980, CLASSPACK has been developing new flexible packaging concepts that facilitate and rationalize the consumption of raw materials and simplify the work of fruit and vegetable packers.

One of its best-known developments is the CONTINUOUS TUBULAR PREFORMED, a mixed bag, manufactured in a continuous roll (for automatic packaging) or cut and welded, (for manual packaging) with two sides of printable sheet with a large display and two bellows of mesh or film already folded and ready to be filled.
To complete the project between 2009 and 2015, first a packaging machine specially designed for this consumable was developed, then a multi-head associative weigher and finally all the necessary peripherals to offer customers a "Complete Solution". Machines that consume 66% less electrical energy, generate 80% less noise and use 90% less compressed air.

In mid-2016, going ahead again, CLASSPACK patented the lamination of paper and other materials starting first, a substantial reduction of plastic components and finally their total elimination. Consumer awareness and their insistence has forced shopping platforms to look for alternatives to eliminate plastic materials on their shelves.
In 2021 CLASSPACK presented its BIO SALAD ROLL for IV RANGE at FRUIT ATTRACTION, obtaining the first prize at the INNOVATION HUB, it also presented at its eco-stand, a whole new line of 100% BIOBASED containers that admit all kinds of products, so as to Eliminating plastic components, complying with the new European regulations regarding SINGLE USE packaging.

These products combine PLA sheets with KRAFT paper coatings for MAP applications. Being able to extend the "useful life" the rotations in the linear ones are reduced being able to reach more distant markets. or without MAP with MACRO / MICRO perforations, surprising results are achieved.

When the moratorium of the new European regulations is about to end, on the elimination and reduction of single-use plastic containers and tools, CLASSPACK is the only company that exclusively uses BIOBASED materials and without additives of fossil origin (of oil) offers an alternative already available that is 100% Biobased, Compostable, Biodegradable and truly eco friendly.

Thanks to the work of its teams: Commercial and Technical; as well as his deep knowledge of the market, CLASSPACK has been repeatedly selected since 2018 as a finalist for the FRUIT ATTRACTION INNOVATION HUB at IFEMA (Madrid), obtaining first prize in his category in 2021 with his BIO SALAD ROLL, which you can already see on the shelves of main supermarket chains in Europe.