CLASSPACK (R) Compostable Sheet "Zero Waste" for horizontal flow pack machines

This BIO FLOW ROLL may have a more or less wide window depending on each application

The tests were carried out on the BELCA® FN 300, a machine prepared for packaging that is respectful of nature with "zero residue".
For this type of application, the CLASSPACK ® laminate can be supplied macro or micro-perforated, depending on the respiration of the product to be packaged.
Widths: from 470 to 380mm
Window: from 100 to 80mm

We have FSC microchannel cardboard baskets of 250-500-1000 g. for manual filling or use in a flowpack machine

BIO FLOW ROLL 260 mm horizontal machinne

BIO FLOW ROLL 360 mm horizontal machinne